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Final Masters on Tape

It’s official.  After nearly 2 years of pouring our blood (semi-literally), sweat (quite-literally) and tears (we’ll leave that one up to you to interpret) into our first feature length documentary film, it is finished.  Today we picked up our tape masters of the film from our new friends at Final Frame (they’ve done work on some really high profile docs such as Academy Award winner “The Cove” and “Hell and Back Again”), and I have to say it is a pretty amazing feeling.  

So many people have supported us throughout this journey, and we have met some truly remarkable and kind souls at every turn - from the crew who worked on the film, to the musicians who helped create such a beautiful score, to the strongman community who educated and motivated us every step of the way.  Together we, and I cannot stress that word enough, we have created a film that is moving and inspirational, and has the potential to reach a huge audience. I cannot begin to explain how grateful we are, and how excited we are for the future.  Onward!

Bending Steel Tape Masters